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Stunning original acrylic painting on 36x48x1.5" wrapped canvas ready to hang with a wire on the back.

Also available as a high quality 11x14" print, mat with a neutral mat board to fit a 16x20" standard size frame.





  • Product Info

    Ravens have long since had the reputation of being destructive and selfish, foreboding with darkness hanging over them like a cloud. Over time this reputation has grown and our first thought about these birds is often not a good one. Native myths often depict the raven as a magical creature, able to keep secrets, a bit of a trickster and focused on satisfying his own gluttony with whatever he desires! He is accused of thieving shiny objects and bringing a feeling of darkness to those around him.What if this were not the case? What if our gossip about the raven were not accurate? What if there was more to the raven than the obvious? After all he is a rather beautiful bird, his dark glossy feathers reflecting beautiful colors as the light hits them. The way he hops and moves can be comical at times and who of us doesn't like shiny, beautiful objects? He is skilled in the air demonstrating fearless tricks during mating season, swooping low, soaring high, turning somersaults and flying upside down. Not only that but he performs elaborate dances for his partner, wooing her with his impressive moves. He is thought to be very intelligent and have been seen as being quite playful. He forms relationships with other ravens and gives his heart to only one, as he mates for life and once he has found his true love and they have their young, both parents will care for them for many months.They sing and will use their skills to imitate other birds in song, calling their mates home when they have found food for the family. Ravens have been kept at the Tower of London for centuries to bring it good luck and prevent disaster and more impressively God used ravens in the bible bringing bread to Elijah twice a day during a time of drought and Noah sent a raven out from the ark to determine if the flood waters had receded. All this points to the idea that the raven really is a remarkable bird and there is more to him than initially meets the eye. In my painting the raven is more than the myth, more than the reputation we have labelled him with, more than what we believe at first glance. He is a beautiful, handsome, strong bird, who is fiercly loyal to his partner, capable of forming relationships and taking care of his family. He is amusing, able to make you laugh and highly intelligent. He is creative, adaptable and caring. He has a friendship with Clodagh who's human family are too busy to spend time with her and he surrounds her with flowers to keep her spirit bright. He brings his partner to keep her company, he brightens her day and her soul and Clodagh loves him.


  • Shipping Info

    I ship all orders within 1-3 business days. 

    Original paintings and prints are packaged using professional packing materials and boxed for safe travel. 

    Shipping charges are based on average costs for the weight and size of each painting within Florida. Some charges may be more or less than quoted, in this case I will refund the difference or work with you to find the best way of shipping at the most reasonable cost. 

    Generally paintings shipped within Florida are current with the charges listed but if you would like a specific cost before purchasing please feel free to message me with your address. 

    Paintings shipped outside of Florida may be more than quoted, I will of course do my best to get the best possible rate.

    Artwork can also be picked up at the Butterfield Garage Gallery in St Augustine and if you're local to the Jacksonville area I am happy to work with convenient places to meet.

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