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Artist Emma Greenhill and poet Jenny Noble Anderson are changing the way women share stories. In their captivating, debut collection, readers are carried on a journey through the seasons. With deep reverence for the natural world, their art and poetry pairings explore themes of love and longing, hope and uncertainty, suffering and rebirth.

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Our Story

When Emma and Jenny were paired for a collaborative art exhibition about birds in Jacksonville, Florida, the opportunity felt serendipitous. Emma’s work and Jenny's poetry came together and an idea was born.


When they set out to create an art and poetry collection with in 2019, they had no idea what challenges were in store. Suffice to say, their book’s theme of overcoming adversity proved appropriate as they navigated the hurdles of collaborating in the midst of a global pandemic!


Emma would like to thank each and every one of you for your continued support and for joining her on this chapter of her creative journey.

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